Edge to Edge Quilting

All of the quilts pictured below have edge to edge free motion quilting completed between 2012-2017

Diann’s Quilts

Diann is a very sweet lady with a big heart and she is also a very productive quilter! Seems like she is always making a quilt for a friend. Some of the quilts pictured below are quilts Diann made and some were hand pieced and embroidered by her mother and are very special to her. Diann added the borders and finished them up so she will always have them as special treasures in memory of her mother.

Most pictured below have hand guided custom or free motion quilting and a few were quilted with pantographs between 2013-2017.

Babies, babies, babies!

July 2017

Our first great grand niece arrived in Dec 2014 and the babies just keep coming! Another great niece and nephew arrived in 2015 and just now our first granddaughter arrived. So I have been a busy, baby quilt making bee these past few years. Lots of pink, purples and minky! Most are simple free motion quilting. The chevron quilting was done with a ruler. The snowflake pantograph is Let it Snow by Patricia Ritter – Urban Elementz

My Quilts

Just a few of my quilts I have been able to squeeze in over the past few years.:)

Birds of a Feather Challenge Quilt 2016

Me, Donna, Valerie and Barb with our challenge quilt Feb 2016

Every year since 2013 I have met my good friends Donna and Barb at the Birds of a Feather Longarm Event hosted by Valerie Schlake of The Longarm Network. In 2016 as part of a challenge we designed this friendship block quilt via a group text, Donna embroidered the center design, Barb pieced the quilt and I wrapped it up with some free motion quilting and ruler work using my favorite BFF ruler from the Quilted Pineapple. It was a lot of fun to work on together. Afterwards I made two Bionic Gear Bags inspired by the quilt for Donna and Barb.

Quilt designed by Barb Burdette, Donna Hutto and Tracy Bell. Quilted with 2 layers of batting with the top layer of wool. Magnifico and Glide thread.
Embroidery design was purchased from Urban Threads.
Quilted January 2016

Quilting panels for a tote bag

January 2017
Below are fabric rectangles that I quilted to make into a tote bag. I love how it came out! and so did my Mom…after dropping a very strong and not so subtle hint, she got it for her Mother’s Day gift.

Alana’s Feathered Stars

December 2016

Feathered Stars pattern by Kim Diehl. Pieced by Alana Y.
1st Place Theme/Star Gazing category at St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show February 2017

Alana’s Outer Space Quilt

March 2016
Outer Space quilt by Alana Y.

Random Ohio Stars for Will

August 2013

I made this quilt for my son’s Birthday. The pattern is based on Bonnie Hunter’s Random Ohio Stars.
My son is a history buff and I found a fabric with the Declaration of Independence printed on it and decided it was the perfect inspiration for the quilt. There are full panels of the Declaration of Independence pieced into the backing and pieces in a few blocks on the front. He requested a quilt for his bed and I know it will get a lot of use so I decided to keep it simple by quilting meandering loops, swirls, stars and I even managed to stitch his name in one block.
He sent me the photo below after he received it to show me how much his cat Lando loves the quilt. I don’t know what it is about cats, but they love a new quilt!

Chris & Jessica’s Wedding Quilt

October 2012

These are images of the wedding quilt that I designed for my niece Jessica and her new husband, Chris.
Jessica said she wanted a grey quilt with all over quilting designs, but I felt it need a little something more, so I came up with the idea of the heart and the strip of print fabric just to break up the quilting area a little. There is different quilting in the heart and the black sashing, but the rest of the quilt is edge to edge free-motion quilting. I just let it flow and had fun…swirls, feathers, and hearts.